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All members of the Circle of Service give their time to the Association on a voluntary basis to a greater or lesser extent. Some are also paid fees or commission for part of their work, but most receive only a very small honorarium or expenses. Those receiving payments include: Membership Secretary, Touch Editor, Touch Deputy Editor, Touch designer. Those receiving small honorariums and/or commission fees are: Web Master, Accounts/Bookkeeper, and LineageTracing Service. (Initials in brackets refer to Council members who have responsibility for the specific roles).


Finance/Accounts - Grainne Warner (LP)
Company Secretary - Narkess Aralova (LP)
Book Keeping/payments - Christine Studman (LP)
Membership & Administration - Tripuri Dunne
General Enquiries - Jan Brown, Tripuri Dunne
Keeper of the Archives - Louise Peeters
Touch Subscriptions - Tripuri Dunne, Pete Wayne
Governance - William Mitchell, Diane Tyrrell (DT)


Webmaster - Brian Nolan
Web Dev  Group - Heather Buglear, Gill St John Griffiths, Claire Prendergast-Johnson, Brian Nolan, Milly Cain, Pete Wayne
Webinars/CPD - Milly Cain, Claire Prendergast-Johnson, Lynda Meadows (DT)
Social Media - Claire Prendergast-Johnson, Feona Gray, Kit Ford-Young, Grainne Warner (LP/WM/DT)
Touch - Deb Hoy, Lia Cummings
Events -  Mamta Nanda, Sheila Roberts, Sarah Renwick, Margaret Rose, Liz Watkin, Binita Sama-Zakaria, Chis Battye                      
Gathering - Council    
Newsletter - DianeTyrrell (DT)
OGM - William Mitchell
Younger Members - Council


Care service - Diane Tyrrell, Ken Honey (DT/WM)
Reiki Connections - Liz Watkins, Diane Tyrrell (DT/WM)
Online Sharing Groups - Mamta Nanda, William Mitchell (DT)
Reiki Outreach International - Soyin Tang (DT)


TRA Verification - Tripuri Dunne (DT/LP)
TRA Verifiers - Milly Cain, Mel Hoffstead, Kate Jones, Tripuri Dunne (DT)
Accreditation of Courses - Tripuri Dunne (DT)
Course Evaluators - Kate Jones, Milly Cain, Mel Hoffstead, Tripuri Dunne (DT)
UK Reiki Council/CNHC Professional Practice Liaison - Tripuri Dunne, Rain McManus, Louise Peeters, Mamta Nanda (DT)
Reiki for Animals - Louise Peeters, Diane Tyrrell, Lynda Meadows (DT)
Reiki Directory - Tripuri Dunne (LP)
Lineage service - Jan Brown
Retail  - Christine Wright, Tripuri Dunne



Here is more information about some of the Circle of Service:


Membership and Administrative Secretary - Tripuri Dunne

My Reiki journey started in the 80's after a serious car crash which changed my life. I started to receive Reiki treatments in India where I met my master Krishni Borang in a well-known yoga centre. On my return to the UK in 1991 I took Reiki One and Two,  and then joined the Association in 1994. Within a short time, because she travelled a great deal in those days, Krishni sent some of her friends to me for Reiki treatments and from there almost organically my practice grew. She suggested that I could teach and I completed my training with her in 1999, although she still mentors me to this day, and I have helped her edit the revised edition of her book The Way of Reiki.
I started supporting the Association by attending Gatherings and by encouraging my students to become part of the wider Community through the Association. Some of them also joined what we now call the Circle of Service. In 2007 I offered service to the community by answering email enquiries, and then in 2009 I started helping with membership enquiries. Gradually I became the Liasion Officer for the Association. My personal vision for the future of TRA is that it continues to provide an effective and evolving support network in the UK for Reiki Practitioners run by by the community for the community. A place where people can get the professional support and information they need but also meet in community, make lasting friendships and good connections with the help of our community website.


Webmaster - Brian Nolan

I trained in design at art colleges in the late 60s, obtained several design qualifications at the time, and more subsequently in professional practice. I have worked continuously as a designer for nearly 50 years. After several years as an employee, in 1979 I started my own design practice employing staff, designing and managing contract and domestic projects. I also had busy retail showrooms to aid my design practice, and even developed a couple of gift shops as a sideline. After 15 years, I was determined to avoid the worries of an employer, rents and VAT, and continued by myself as a self-employed designer (I am happy designing and organising projects or people, just hate bookeeping!). I have completed a wide variety of domestic and commercial projects, mainly in Yorkshire and London.

In the late '80s I had started practising Tai Chi and Kung Fu, which led to 5 years of college study in Chinese medicine, then Shiatsu and Craniosacral work. In '94 I was initiated into Reiki as it seemed a useful therapy to add on. Gradually I realised it was something more than a therapy! I appreciated the simplification of things, and it is the simplicity combined with spiritual depth that I love about Reiki. I worked professionally as a complementary therapist for many years, but usually part time as design work always paid the bills better, as did going into teaching later on.
I spent 7 years as a part-time lecturer in 3D design to degree level, working at 3 colleges, where I also taught Key Skills IT and the use of computers in design. I also studied for, and obtained, an adult teaching qualification. However, my love of teaching has not led me to become a Reiki master!
I have been with TRA the last 25 years or so, attended many annual Gatherings since Cork in '96, and some workshops, and have served on Council. It was during my time on Council that we made progress in developing the website, and after leaving Council I carried on with this, helping to bring in the community website with its membership features late in 2010. I am now part of the group developing our new website.


Social Media - and Member of Council Resource Group - Feona Gray

My background in life and business could not have been further away from the gentle art of Reiki, which first came into my life in 1996 as a much needed form of stress-busting. I was initiated in 2002 (Reiki I and II) and I’ve been a member of TRA since then. I served on Council 2010, standing down on 10 May 2015.
Before I came on Council I tried to be an ambassador for Reiki in my work as a travel writer and publisher. With the help of Winthrop Wiltshire I sought out Reiki groups through the islands of the Caribbean and wrote about them in articles and guides.  Over the years, I have had the privilege of organising events, attending many workshops and working in different ways with our Usui Shiki Ryoho spiritual lineage bearers and Takata masters and I’m looking forward to having more such opportunities in the future.
During my time on Council I hope I brought with me some of the experience I have gained through 46 years of setting up and running businesses. In particular perhaps something of my knowledge of finance, business development, PR/marketing, internet publishing, social media and online marketing. Having stepped down from Council I continued with an active liaison role supporting, mentoring and giving continuity to the new projects / recent developments that I was instrumental in initiating and to liaise between new Circle of Service members.
Other Association roles have included being a member of the Reiki Care Service (2010-2021); PR/marketing and business development with Sandra Hunnisett and Diana Shaw; advertising liaison with Diana Shaw, Alec Jones and Brian Nolan together with merchandising work with Sandra; website liaison with Brian, including website related work for The Reiki Directory. Also, Social Media editor (2011-2021) working with on TRA Facebook and Twitter accounts with Diana, Peter Coates and Kit Ford-Young; and with Sandra (Pintrest and Instagram).  The primary purpose of our work was Association and Touch profile building with a view to increasing membership and subscription numbers.
Other Facebook page set ups include Reiki Outreach International – ROI Facebook page, working with Soyin Tang, Usui Awareness Day and Global Reiki Lights.
In recent years I have been substantially involved in:
Connecting Reiki with Medicine - introducing Reiki to support very sick children and adults, their carers and staff in areas of critical need - read more about this at
The Reiki Healthcare Research Trust - funding Reiki research for integrative medicine at
Reiki Medic-Care - supporting our NHS medical professionals at

View our Facebook Pages: The Reiki Association ~ Touch Magazine ~ Reiki Outreach International ~ Usui Reiki Awareness ~ Reiki Lights Festival


Council Member and Reiki Care Service - Diane Tyrrell

After studying business, accounting and management in London, this led me to a working life in senior administration, being employed by Bovril, Boosey & Hawkes, and IBM, and finally working for the NHS. This is when I branched out into project management, taking a course in Leadership Management, and then finally, taking a teaching degree with Greenwich University. My calling into Reiki was in 2001, took Reiki II in 2002, and was initiated as a Master in 2006, having by then a healing practice which served both the NHS and the wider community. After 16 years in the NHS I left and set up my own company providing and teaching therapies.

I joined TRA in 2009 and became part of the Grassroots and Care Service teams, becoming the Co-ordinator for the Care Service more recently. I am enjoying  this very much, meeting such lovely likeminded people. I am also now  part of the Reiki Medic-Care group and the Reiki for Animals team. At the last Gathering I was both humble and yet gratefully happy to be accepted onto Council and my aim is to serve the members in any way I can.

However, my true passion is healing. I regularly run Reiki shares from home and offer healing to those less fortunate like ex service people with PTS, animal rescue centres and charities such as Alzheimer’s, Cancer and the Heart Foundation.

I am blessed to have Reiki in my life and have found it opens up beautiful experiences, including the meeting of such lovely, accepting, likeminded people who I am so happy to know. It has certainly helped during difficult times in my life both physically, mentally and emotionall, for which I will always be grateful.


Touch Editor - Deb Hoy

When I was a child I set up and ran a newspaper for my street, hand-drawing the columns and pictures while my sister and nextdoor neighbour contributed stories and posted copies through letterboxes. In my teens I dreamed of being a journalist, and wrote for several local newspapers before changing career plans to go to art school. Now it's an honour to create Touch Magazine with a wonderfully talented team. The role of editor has provided lots of growth opportunities for me over the past few years and I have been blessed to participate in many insightful interviews with masters and practitioners whom I really respect. I still get a thrill when I see a new copy of Touch arrive and I savour the turn of each printed page, feeling the energy within it augmented by all the people who contribute to the production of our community magazine.
Alongside my Reiki practice and Fine Art practice I have spent several years working in Arts Education and advising schools on creative curriculums. One of my roles for Norfolk & Norwich Festival has been that of Research Facilitator working with a group of young people to extrapolate the cultural needs of their peers and develop action plans to best meet these needs. At this time, it seems perfectly fitting to use my skills and techniques from this role to look at what young people interested in Reiki might want from an organisation like the Reiki Association. The time is ripe for investing in the future of Reiki by listening to our youngest practitioners and learning more about their needs so we can create services that provide for them and carry Reiki forward for future generations to enjoy.


Reiki Outreach International - Soyin Tang

I was brought up in Hong Kong and came to UK in 1962 to pursue my higher education when I was in my late teens. I studied at the Royal Northern College of Music (then called the Royal Manchester College of Music). The earlier part of my life was devoted to teaching music, initially in schools, and subsequently as a private music teacher. I obtained a postgraduate degree in Education from Liverpool University. Subsequently, I became interested in psychology and obtained a master degree in Psychology for Musicians.
I joined The Reiki Association and the Reiki Outreach International (ROI) after I took Reiki One and Two in 1994 and served on TRA Council in 1995. I have been serving as the ROI Co-ordinator in UK since 1995. Mary McFadyen, one of the 22 Reiki Masters who were initiated by Mrs.Hawayo Takata, founded ROI in1990. I have worked closely with Mary on the transmission of global situations and other ROI related work within the UK. Mary initiated me as Reiki Master in 1998.
I practise and teach Reiki in my healing centre in Sheffield. With my training in psychology I became interested in psychotherapy which I now practise. I am a qualified counsellor. I practise and teach toning qigong, sound healing and other multi-dimensional healing modalities.
I am married and have two grown up sons. My husband and sons are all in the medical profession.
I am enthusiastic and committed to the work of ROI. Sending Reiki to the troubled areas and situations worldwide is my daily routine. I am honoured and privileged to have the opportunity to serve our Reiki global community.


Reiki for Animals and Keeper of Archives - Louise Peeters

I was born in Coventry 1967 and graduated in Social Administration at Birmingham University in 1989.

I have worked in marketing, customer services, and run numerous motor trade businesses before I moved to Wales in 1997 in pursuit of a more balanced lifestyle. I am married , no kids (own choice) but 2dogs, 8 chickens, 1 rooster, 10 donkeys,1 horse and one pony!

Following a lifetime love of equines I began my own business Dyfi Donkeys in 2006 , which started as purely children's beach donkey rides but over the years has developed into a passion. My aim  is to give all visitors to our woodland, access to these wonderful animals. For me, they embody the concept of natural healing.
I encountered Reiki for the first time through one of my horses, when I invited an animal healer and Reiki master to come and help this horse who had some behaviour difficulties.  Reiki soon found its way into my own life in 2008 , when I met Milly Cain , who became my Reiki master and friend.

I gained my second degree Reiki in 2010 and feel it is my time to start to give something back to a community which has given me so much.



CNHC Verifier and Web Development Team - Milly Cain

In 2015, I will have practised Reiki for 25 years.

During these years I have served on the Reiki Association Council several times, been a founder member of the Practitioner Support Network and now serve as a Verifier for applications to the CNHC register.

Reiki is my personal path and my public practice, my guidance and my support. I offer service to the Association, as a form of gratitude, for all the Association does to support all students of Reiki.



Events, Online and Distant Reiki groups - Mamta Nanda

I was born and brought up in New Delhi, India. I graduated from University of Delhi with BA in Mathematical Statistics in 1984. This was followed by a three-year postgraduate degree in Computer Applications at the same university. During this time, my love of the French language inspired me to study for the Diplome de Langue from Alliance Française, New Delhi.

After finishing at university, I worked as computer software engineer from 1987 to 1994 in the areas of software development and customer and marketing support in India, the UK and also briefly France for about three months. I moved to the UK in 1992, worked in the IT industry for about two years, and then gave up paid employment in 1994 to look after my children.

I was initiated into Reiki in 2001. Having experienced huge benefits from Reiki as a mother, for myself my children and my family, I was drawn to offering Reiki treatments to other mothers in 2004. I joined TRA in 2002. I remember attending the retreat for Public practice of Reiki offered by TRA at the time and the invaluable part it has played on my journey of public practice. Gradually, I stepped onto the path to train as a Reiki Master so that I could help empower people to take charge of their wellbeing and benefit from Reiki. I feel that Reiki is one of the best things I have ever learnt. I find that it not only supports and strengthens me in every possible way in my personal life, but it also helps me to earn my living honestly. I completed my Mastery training in February 2008. I have been teaching Reiki regularly since, mainly in London, but also sometimes in India.

I feel passionate about supporting the Reiki community. In the last six years of my Reiki journey, I have been an active member of the Reiki Association, UK, supporting them in various roles: attending several gatherings and workshops over the years; representing TRA on the Reiki Council, the lead advisory body for regulating professional Reiki practice in the UK, as well as helping with setting up the Reiki Directory module on the website. I hold Reiki Share every month to support Reiki students.

I feel very grateful for having Reiki in my life as it continues to help heal me at a deep inner level and has brought me to the stage where I feel willing and able to serve.



Non-executive Director - Grainne Warner


My past work as Finance Director of Pagefield Communications was supported by my spiritual practice of Reiki, as I worked to bring corporate and spiritual worlds closer together e.g. I loved to bless money before paying people (including the tax man) and send this money (energy) filled with love and gratitude out into the world! I currently serve on the Reiki Foundation International board, an international charity registered in the USA, where we are working to strengthen a movement of coming together in Reiki we call Reiki Home; fostering community and connection with love and mutual respect for the rich variety of lineages and forms in our global Reiki Family.

My Reiki journey started in 1997, the day after my eldest son was born. In the midst of my struggle with sudden motherhood, a friend came to visit me in hospital and gave me Reiki. Such a feeling of peace in the midst of so much anxiety! I was first initiated into Reiki in 2001, received Reiki II in 2002, and was initiated as a Reiki master in 2006. I’ve enjoyed gatherings when I could, my first being with Wanja Twan in Buckland Hall back in 2004. I was TRA's company secretary for a number of years and responsible for oversight of the annual accounts and Company House paperwork.


Finance Officer - Christine Studman


Reiki comes to find you when the time is right and it certainly was for me. It found me after the cataclysmic event that was my mothers’ death in 2008.  One of my cousins, who was visiting from Ireland, gave me my first Reiki treatment, it was the most moving experience of my life and I had to find out more. I was working for a publishing distributor at the time, who represented a number of health & wellbeing Publishers so I had a warehouse full of potential reading! I did Reiki 1 in 2009, Reiki 2 about a year or so afterwards & my Mastery in 2015. I never looked back. Now that I am retired from working in Accounts for that distributor I run the accounts for TRA, which I really enjoy, it keeps me in touch with all that goes on in running an association such as ours. I also volunteer weekly at two Hospice’s, the North London Hospice at the branch in Winchmore Hill (North London) which is known as the Health & Wellbeing Centre and have also recently started at The Nightingale Cancer charity in Enfield. I liaise weekly, if not more often, with Tripuri and frequently with Council and especially Grainne who oversees the accounts for me each year end. I have been married for 46 years, have 2 grown up sons and 2 very young grand-daughters. I am looking forward to my 5th Gathering in Norfolk this year.


General Enquiries and Lineage Tracing - Janet Brown


Brought up in Scotland, I was initiated into Reiki in 1995 and became a Reiki Master in 1998. For me becoming a Reiki Master was as important a decision in my life as marrying my husband, and I was absolutely certain that it was right for me. At the time I was a complementary therapist and ran a clinic for 10 years from home. Reiki featured strongly at the clinic, and also in the voluntary work I did at the local hospice.

I taught for many years in Scotland then took a sabbatical to do a degree in Fine Art. In 2015 we moved to East Sussex to be near the grandchildren. I am now actively returning to my Reiki roots, reconnecting with my Reiki family and teaching in this area.


CNHC Verifier and Webinar publisher - Kate Jones

Reiki came into my life in 1987 when my father died.  I learned 1st and 2nd degree in 1989 and joined The Reiki Association at the inaugural meeting in August 1991, encouraged by my Reiki master Martha Sylvester who was one of the founding members.  Later that year I was initiated by her as a master.  In 1992 I became Administrator for TRA, a role I held for 12 years.

Dealing with an unprecedented number of enquiries about practitioners following a few newspaper articles about reiki, I was involved in the subsequent discussions about what makes a practitioner suitable for referrals. 

I attended 3 conferences on Public Practice of Reiki facilitated by Phyllis Furumoto in the USA and UK in the early 2000s.   What I learned at these conferences was very useful over the following years as I became involved in establishing standards for public reiki practice - representing TRA on the Reiki Regulatory Working Group and Reiki Council as it became,  in the discussions to establish National Occupational Standards for Reiki practitioners and in developing the Reiki Council core curriculum based on them.  For TRA I was also involved in practitioner support and education through what became known as the Practitioner Support Network.  I also served on TRA Council from 2009 to 2014 and was involved in organising various gatherings.

 When the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council decided to set up a register for Reiki practitioners I was elected to the Profession Specific Board for Reiki in 2011, a role which I still hold.  In this role I was involved in setting up the verification for practitioners and the creation of the CNHC core curriculum for Reiki. 

 I have always been interested in Reiki for animals so was pleased to be involved, via Reiki Council, in creating the first National Occupational Standards for Reiki for Animals with LANTRA. 

In addition to my service to the Reiki community I enjoy teaching reiki classes regularly and have also developed various opportunities for reiki practitioners to explore their practice, including my Professional Reiki Practitioner Foundation Course.  I also love to enable people to sing so lead various singing groups, including one for people with a lung condition.  I live in Shropshire near Ludlow with husband Alec, Ruby the dog and some rescued hens.



CNHC Verifier - Melanie Hoffstead

I am in my 30th year as a Reiki Master and I can truly say it is one of the best decisions I made to become a Master. I have a background as a teacher, group worker and therapist and have taught regularly, which I love, both in the Uk and internationally. I continue to be amazed and inspired by Reiki and run workshops for Reiki people to open to their creativity. I enjoy being a verifier and making sure there is good Reiki practice in the world.


Reiki Connections Phoneline - Liz Watkin


I came across Reiki accidentally when, in 1995 at a conference in a hotel, I felt compelled to book in for a Reflexology session at the hotel spa. I had never had Reflexology before but the urge to have a treatment was too strong to resist.
My background was as an Occupational Therapist within Mental Health Services and I had been working as a therapist in Child and Family Psychiatry in Rotherham for about 7 years by that time and had many emotionally damaged people, adults as well as children, in my client group. I hadn’t realised quite how stressed I had become until tears began streaming down my cheeks during the Reflexology treatment. It was then that the Reflexology practitioner gently suggested that Reiki might be of benefit to me – and how right she was.
Having had many wonderful treatments with a local Reiki Master, we moved to Chesterfield in 2002 and I found my Reiki Master, Kathy Whileman, here. After two years of Reiki treatments with her I tentatively asked her about Reiki training. When she’d stopped laughing she confessed that she had been waiting for me to ask ever since our first session together. I did my Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master training on a 1:1 basis with her, gaining my Mastery in July 2008. I joined TRA shortly afterwards and have gained enormously from being involved in the Association.
I had always imagined that my Reiki journey would involve teaching others, but my path has taken me down a different route which utilises my mental health training instead. I have my own Reiki practice, working closely with the local Parkinson’s Disease Support Group and the Specialist Stroke Service, offering treatments both in my treatment room at home and on home visits, depending on the needs of the clients and their mobility levels. I have learned and experienced so much with these clients along the way and I continue to learn more about the wonderful energetics of Reiki to this day.
I heeded the call to join the Circle of Service at the TRA Gathering and feel that my combined skills set is ideal for me to serve on the Reiki Connections Phoneline.



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