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Welcome to TRA!

The Reiki Association is a community of people initiated into Reiki, both in the UK, and as part of the worldwide Reiki family. For many, membership of TRA brings a valuable sense of being part of that wider Reiki community. As a not-for-profit organisation we support Reiki practitioners and those exploring a life with Reiki as a spiritual practice and healing art.
We also facilitate connection between people with Reiki so that they may share experiences, learn, support and find friendship with other Reiki people.

The Reiki Association aims are to:
~ Encourage people to deepen their practice of the Art of Reiki.
~ Provide information about Reiki to members of the Association and the wider community.
~ Foster the Reiki community locally, nationally and internationally.
~ Encourage members to contribute to the decision making process of the Association.
~ Encourage professional standards of Reiki practice.

On this website members can take part in forums, message other members, and advertise shares, events, classes and treatments, but if you are not yet a member, there are still many pages of information and about Reiki as well as our Reiki Directory and Events pages.

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Touch AutumnThe next generation is the theme for the autumn edition of Touch magazine. We share stories of Hawayo Takata from those who knew her, learn more about Phyllis Furumoto's role through a collection of her writings, and look into this time of powerful potential with lineage bearer Johannes Reindl.

We also bring you several stories from the community about new ways of working, shining a spotlight on successful online events, and showcasing a new initiative for sending distant Reiki to charities. Our featured artist creates Reiki resources for children and Antoine Sonneveld, a newly initiated Reiki master reports on Reiki circles for younger practitioners.

The articles are hopeful, they celebrate innovation and honour those who went before, in order to pave a pathway of light into the future.

If you do not already receive Touch magazine FREE as a Reiki Association member, you can sign up for a subscription...... or JOIN our association!