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Reiki MasterTo learn Reiki you need to find a suitable Reiki Master.  We recommend that you find a Reiki Master with whom you can attend a Reiki class in person. A good way to find the right Reiki master for you is to experience a Reiki treatment from them. 


Please remember that membership of The Reiki Association is not an accreditation. The information for each entry in our Reiki Directory has been provided by the individual Master concerned. As inclusion in the Directory is a matter of choice this list may not contain all the Masters who are members of the Association.

Learning Reiki is a significant experience. Choosing a Reiki master is not like choosing a product in a supermarket; it is more like choosing a home, or even a family and a community.

You may want to contact several Masters before you make your decision. The Master who lives nearest may not necessarily be the right Master for you - many Masters teach in different areas. Trust your feelings - if you have any doubts, look further and take your time. Meet the Masters if you can, or at least speak with them on the phone in order to receive a personal impression. Read the information given in the listing and the background information about the Master. Some of the terms used may be new to you. You could ask the Masters to explain them. You could also ask about some other important issues as:

  • The Master's own path and personal journey with Reiki.
  • How the Master views Reiki.
  • What part does Reiki play in his or her life.
  • Is daily self-treatment part of this Master's practice.
  • Does s/he regularly give Reiki treatments to others.
  • Will the Master be available to you after the class to answer your questions and support you on your journey with Reiki.
  • Does the Master have a support or sharing group, or other students near you with whom you can regularly practise Reiki.

With Reiki it is considered to be just as important to treat yourself as to treat others. It is a good idea to have a treatment from the Master, or from their organiser or student. You may also want to look at the guidance for choosing a Reiki Practitioner

Find out how long the class is; ask for an outline of what you will be taught and the cost. In a first degree Reiki class you should be taught a sequence of hand positions for treating yourself and other people, and given time to practise these in the class.  You may also be taught about treating animals and plants. You will be usually told the history and principles of Reiki and there will be opportunities for you to ask questions.

Trust your intuition, take your time and follow your heart. We wish you well on your journey with Reiki.

If you have any feedback about the above, please let us know using this contact form.

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The Reiki Principles
Just for today do not worry,
Just for today do not anger,
Honour your parents, teachers and elders,
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