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In light of the latest advice from CNHC, only those TRA members who are currently registered with CNHC, can practice in-person during the current lockdown in England. Please visit the CNHC website for full information about other parts of the UK and to ensure you are following their guidance correctly.

If you have been through the verification process, and hold the certificate of a verified practitioner from a member organisation of The Reiki Council , registering with CNHC is quite simple. Please feel free to contact TRA’s Verification officer, Rain Mcmanus ( or membership secretary, Tripuri Dunne ( for help, if needed.

All TRA members who are not currently registered with CNHC, including those working with animals may wish to consider working remotely during this time, using level 2 Reiki practice. All TRA members are welcome to join the distant healing session on Thursday (10am to 11am) with Age UK members to observe how some TRA members are using level 2 Reiki practice with Zoom software to support the community. Please email for more info.

Please check with your insurer to confirm you are covered. Balens latest guidance is on their website.


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