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The Reiki Medic-Care creators and organisers would like to thank all TRA members who have generously decided to volunteer to send Reiki to our wonderful frontline NHS nurses, doctors and paramedics.  Without you this volunteer service would not be possible.

The website is now live.  A test team has been sending 4-day Reiki treatments to consultants and a doctor at three different NHS hospitals (King’s, St George’s and The Royal Free), tweaking the system to make it the best it can be.  It is a thrill that the initiative is generating what seems to be genuine interest, and to have the honour to send Reiki to people who do so much for the nation and who now need extra help for themselves.

As we begin to roll out the project, we are looking for more practitioners to join us.  The door is permanently open for any Reiki II student who is a member of a Reiki Council member organisation and has valid insurance.

Well over 200 practitioners have been verified and are committed to the process.  We hold regular online shares and training sessions to build the community and to hold energy for each other.  We plan to have guest speakers and other fun offerings for the team too.  We also have a private Facebook page for our practitioners which allows us to come together safely.

Please visit the website to read all about Reiki Medic-Care and sign up via the Practitioner Registration link here:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Alexander Gray, Feona Gray, Seena Patel, Rosemary Pharo, Diana Shaw

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