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What's happening... Members and Council together
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Reflecting on 2020 as it comes to a close, reminded me that last year (2019), at the first in-person meeting of the new Council with Gilly and William, the theme for TRA’s 2020 Annual Gathering emerged - Being Reiki. We invited Johannes Reindl, the new lineage bearer for Usui Shiki Ryoho to the Gathering. Kristin Bonney, one of the founder members of TRA, introduced Johannes and helped us deepen our connection with the mystical energy of the lineage bearer. As we honour the mystical aspect of Reiki, simply being together in Reiki helps us all progress.

Service is a mystical process. This year (2020), in the energy of the newly formed Council, with two new Council members Louise and Diane, the Council is deepening our process of service and the value of being part of this circle of peers. We start each meeting with brief self treatment, Reiki Principles and the Spirit of Consensus:
Speak from your heart, Speak only for yourself
Listen with an open heart, Respect what other say
Each voice holds a piece of the truth, No one voice holds the whole truth
The truth is not there before each voice is heard

We are learning to serve in a way that nourishes our being, with deeper integrity and loving kindness for self and others. We are realizing that Council members are simply members of the community, just like all the other members. They simply heard the call of the heart and Reiki, in the sacred space of the Annual Gathering, and had the cœurage to step forward to serve at the time.

It seems all of us are in a sacred space together with nature, plants, animals, people and everything that exists in the Universe. This sacred space where the whole is much more than the sum of individual parts. Feeling this mystical connection, welcoming all that life is bringing our way, helps us to stay open to listen more deeply to what life wants us to hear. This openness helps make it easier to listen to the heart. The heart knows what to do, when and how.

At the Gathering, Johannes shared a story with us, of how the people in his village stepped forward to save the village during a crisis, with an inner knowing. Each person just knew what to do, how and when. This inner knowing seems much needed at this time of such deep uncertainty, for all of us.

Just as each cell in the body is important and serves a unique purpose, each member of the Council, each member of the community has a unique purpose and role. Our invitation to you is to take a moment, place your Reiki hands on the heart, and welcome all the sounds around you, listen to the cells in the body, listen to your breath, and listen to your heart to be able to hear the unique role you have.

Wouldn't it be amazing if each one of us can grow our ability to listen deeply and serve in all the circles we belong to, with this inner knowing and love, for the best outcome for the whole.

We invite you to share how you may be continuing to feel the ripples of Being Reiki. The Gathering happens once a year but the benefits are felt through the year and beyond.

With our best wishes for 2021

Mamta Nanda

Serving with gratitude on The Reiki Association Council with Claire, Diane, Gilly, Louise, William.

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