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Dear Members

Thank you for receiving our invitation for the online/remote Reiki Share so warmly. Your response nourishes us deeply to be able to make more such offerings.

The Reiki Shares will take place at 2 pm every Wednesday in May 2020. Duration of the Share will be one hour.

Here is what we will be doing during the Reiki Share. This sharing is to support the members who would be joining us without being online using Zoom.

We will start with an opening circle – to center ourselves, be present as best as is possible, bringing the whole of ourselves to the Share. You may find it helpful to bring awareness to the breath, to the whole body, connect consciously with Reiki, and with your Reiki teachers, and with all the other members who are joining us for the Reiki Share.

We will self treat for 40 minutes, allowing 5 minutes for each position. There are many ways to do the self treatment. Please follow the method you have learnt from your Reiki Master.

After the self treatment, we will invite people to share their experience. We will finish with a closing circle thanking Reiki, our teachers and all the people who have joined us for the Reiki Share.

We invite you to share any feedback you may have from your experiencein the comments below. Your sharing may inspire someone else. Or it may help you make connections with other members. Hearing someone else’s experience may help you remember something from your own experience. It is so good to share, especially at this time when we cannot be together in-person.

We are really looking forward to being together in Reiki with you, in this deeply nourishing energy field that is created simply through your presence. This energy field can feel quite sacred where we can receive the light, strength and wisdom needed to regain our own wholeness and the wholeness of life.

Thank you for being with us in this circle.


The Reiki Association Council

Mamta, William, Gillian, Narkess, Claire


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