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While getting ready to host The Reiki Association (TRA) self treatment circle on January, 26th 2022, a question came up for me - why did we open the self-treatment circle to non-members on the last Wednesday of the month!

The zoom session started with one of the members saying her sister was there too. And then my own sister, sister-in-law and a cousin joined. Some of my Reiki students joined as well. During the self-treatment, I received an answer to my question – it was to experience the joy of practicing Reiki self-treatment with the family - both biological and Reiki family. In that moment, I felt deep gratitude for The Reiki Association community that has nourished me over the years when I was starting my Reiki journey as a new Reiki student. I have been a member of TRA since 2004.

The Reiki Association self-treatment circles happen every week on Wednesdays at 2 pm UK time. They started in 2020 soon after lockdown began to support TRA members. They are continuing thanks to participation, appreciation and encouragement from the community. There is a wonderful team of five Reiki Masters who take turns to host these circles each week. It seems like going for a walk in the woods with several mature trees.

Please feel free to invite your Reiki family and friends to join us for the self-treatment circle next month and experience the joy of practicing Reiki self-treatment together. Non-members can subscribe to TRA's emails to receive the email invitation.

It feels just right to have had this realization in January, as the Sun has just moved in the sign of Aquarius, astrological sign representing community. I look forward to the open self-treatment circle next month in February, when the Sun would have moved to the sign of Pisces representing dual/unity consciousness, Divine love and spiritual receptivity.

by Mamta Nanda
on behalf of the Online Reiki Self Treatment Circles Team
includes Liz Watkin, Margaret Rose, Sarah Renwick and Sheila Roberts

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