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Below are Reiki sharing groups organised by TRA members. You must be logged in as a member to view details of the shares, create your own. or monitor one you are attending
The Reiki Share starts at 10am and finishes at 12 but can run over a little.These are held every month at my home.
Please contact organiser for latest details
Posted by Vikki Stevens TRA Member
Reiki Share Group near cahor, France. The Reiki Share is open to anyone with Reiki to come and enjoy/receive a healing. Enjoy refreshments etc.
Sunday 19th January 2020 10.00 - 16.00
Please contact organiser for latest details
Posted by Heather Buglear TRA Member
A coming together of local Reiki friends old and new. Jubilee Hall, Crouch Lane, Waterlooville Hants
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If you would like to join other Reiki people to give and receive Reiki in a safe and supportive environment, why not join or start a sharing group. It could run monthly, bi-monthly, or whenever.
A group can consist of just two people or there may be a dozen or more. Just as TRA welcomes all variety of Reiki Lineages and traditions, and there's often an interesting cross-section of people, from experienced masters to brand new students.
The sharing may happen in respectful silence, or there could be the occasional murmur of conversation (not forgetting the odd shore, gurgle or giggle!). To get further details get in touch with the details shown on a particular entry.
You can add or change any details on an entry you have created by going to My Reiki Shares, but don't forget to let our Reiki Shares Co-ordinator also know about new entries or changed details so these can be updated in the TRA Newsletter. 

The Reiki Shares shown here are not organised by TRA (The Reiki Association) itself, but are listed by its individual members who provide the information and make all the arrangements. Thus TRA cannot confirm the accuracy of the details provided, nor take responsibility for the outcome of arrangements based upon that information. Nor can TRA take responsibility for the experiences of guests at any Reiki Share listed here, but in the very unlikely event that a serious issue arises we should be grateful if you would contact the Reiki Shares Co-ordinator.