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Reiki in Tavistock - Reiki and Writing

TRA Member
Date of first Reiki initiation:
5 November 1995
Date of second Reiki initiation:
29 March 1996
Date of Reiki initiation as a master:
9 July 1999
In-person initiation:
I confirm my master was physically present during all my Reiki initiations mentioned above.
Lineage of initiating master for mastery:
Wanja Twan; Hawayo Takata; Dr Hayashi; Mikao Usui
Style/system of Reiki taught:
Usui Shiki Ryoho in the lineage of Wanja Twan
Locations I cover with my teaching:
I teach primarily in Tavistock, Devon and in South-East London, but will travel elsewhere by arrangement. Please let me know in advance if you need disabled access and I will find a suitable venue.
There is parking available close to where I offer treatments, I offer training at a venue that has easy access for wheelchairs, There is a toilet with disabled access
Please see my fees below
Fee for Reiki 1 classes £:
Fee for Reiki 2 classes £:
I offer Master level training:
Yes, please contact me for details
Phone Number/s:
07802 863008
I am also listed in Reiki Treatments:
Code of Ethics:
I agree to practise according to the Reiki Association's Code of Ethics
Terms and Conditions:
I agree to the Reiki Association's Terms and Conditions

I teach small classes of up to seven people, so that my students receive lots of individual attention and leave the class confident in their ability to treat themselves and other people.  I am happy to hear from past students, especially if they have Reiki Queries, and I offer regular Reiki Shares for students who live nearby.  

I have been working with Reiki since 1995. I first came across Reiki in New Zealand, whilst working there with profoundly deaf children.  As an Audiological Scientist, with a strong NHS/Educational background, I was initially sceptical, but it was soon obvious to me that Reiki worked.  Since my teens I had taken anti-inflammatories and painkillers, for a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis.  In New Zealand I found I could drop the drugs and use Reiki instead.  Reiki transformed my life.

I took my First and Second Degree Reiki with Martin Cockitt, and went on to study with him for my Masters Degree (1999) in both New Zealand and the UK.  I served on the Council of The Reiki Association from 2002 – 2004, and frequently write for Touch magazine. The Reiki Association has enabled me to meet many wonderful Reiki Masters, including Wanja Twan and others who were initiated by Hawayo Takata, the woman who first brought Reiki to the West.  In 2004 I embarked on Advanced Training with Wanja Twan, for confirmation and clarification of my lineage.  Wanja has been teaching Reiki since 1978, so the ongoing opportunity to study with her has been a deeply enriching experience. I work within the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki.  When I teach, I draw on the wisdom and experience of the Masters who taught me.

Interested? What to do next:
Please ring me on 07802 863008, or send me an email on My website has information about my classes.

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