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Notice of a Members General Meeting of The Reiki Association September 2023

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When: Sunday 24th September 2023 1.30pm - 3.30pm BST
At: This is an online meeting using Zoom software. If you do not have this already, it is free and can be downloaded before joining the meeting by using the Zoom links. However, doing this well in advance can save rushing at the time, as the process may take several minutes.
The Event:

This is to advise you of the upcoming Members General Meeting (GM) of the members of the Reiki Association. The meeting will be held on Sunday September 24, 2023, 1.30 to 3.30pm BST


The meeting will be held online to ensure all members are able to attend and participate. Our Association is run by members for members so your input is valuable, and as usual we will be calling for new Council members. This year we have the opportunity for up to 3 members to step onto Council to help and shape the future of the Association; normally you will hold that position for 3 years. Further information on Council criteria and contacts to discuss beforehand are listed below.


If a member or TRA and thus eligible to attend the Members Annual General Meeting, please Register Here.  You will need to register to receive the Zoom link.

Please contact if you need help to register.


Agenda for AGM – 1.30 to 3.30 pm BST


Welcome and Introduction
Council Year Review
New Initiatives
Election of new council members
Welcome of new council members


The criteria for standing for council is included at the end of this email. It is also on the TRA website.


We thank you for being a valued member of our Association and are grateful for the opportunity to serve the community. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday September 24th, 2023, at 1.30 pm BST.


With Love and Gratitude


Diane, Louise, Ahn and Sheila xx
The Council of The Reiki Association



Criteria for Standing for Council


To be eligible for the Council individuals must:
- be over 18 years of age
- have been initiated into Reiki for a minimum of two years
- at some point in time been a member of TRA for at least two years
- agree to abide by and actively support the Statement of Identity of The Reiki Association
- be initiated into Second Degree
- have attended a previous gathering
- be prepared to make a short statement at the General Meeting outlining why they want the role and what they can offer
- ensure circumstances do not exist which prevent directorship of a limited company


You will need to be able to confidently use IT as emails and online conferencing are a necessary form of communication, training is available. Also have sufficient time to spend on TRA work, attend some in-person weekend meetings plus online meetings every other week.


Please contact us if you would like to talk further about any aspect of this. We would love to hear from you.


To find out what time this will be in your part of the world you can use this website:

TRA MEMBERS: Please log in to this website to see the REGISTRATION LINK FOR THIS EVENT,
Host: The Reiki Association
Main Contact: Sheila Roberts
Use website to: Members can log in and send a message to Sheila Roberts
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