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Supporting the Reiki Healing Process - with Kate Jones

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When: Wednesday 27th September, 7.00pm DST/BST
At: This is an online meeting using Zoom software. If you do not have this already, it is free and can be downloaded just before joining the meeting, but doing this well in advance can save rushing.
The Event:

As Reiki practitioners how do we support the healing process of those we treat and what do we need to know in order to be able to do this?


In the latest of our series of online CPD seminars for Reiki practitioners we will be exploring the healing process in our practice. One of the characteristics of professional practice, explored in the recent seminar on the Three Phases of Reiki Practice, is that our Reiki healing sessions become a process rather than a series of one-off events. In this seminar we will explore what this means and what understanding supports us in holding this for those we give Reiki to.


We will discuss what difference it makes for the person we treat to be given a series of treatments instead of one or a few. We will also think about what difference this makes to our own commitment when we do this.


In this seminar we will also explore what health means, including what life events can affect people’s health and well being, and how Reiki can contribute to the healing process.


As in previous seminars there will be break-out room discussions, giving you the opportunity to explore this topic with other Reiki practitioners.


A CPD certificate will be issued by The Reiki Association for those who attend the event live.


This event is held in partnership with The Reiki Association which receives a share of the income.


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