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Frank Coppieters, Reiki Master, Intutive counselor and Shaman, shares inspired guidance messages received in meditation. Here is a message about Reiki that came through as part of a Reiki Master initiation.

© Living Light Center (Frank Coppieters)
September 26, 2019
(permission to share is always granted)

Reiki is a blessing for the planet and for humanity.
Also for the animals and for the totality of the biosphere.
Reiki is a living entity developing organically through the dedication of its lineage and its practitioners.
Reiki is silence and deep prayer.
Reiki takes care.
It honors and sometimes incorporates other spiritual practices.
As a healing force it is based on universal love and unity consciousness.
The self-treatment gives a big boost to your immune system.
It replaces scarcity by abundance.
In these times of quickening Reiki helps to transform, to steady and to protect.
During the practice of Reiki the sacred manifests
as divine feminine and divine masculine.
More than ever the planet and its inhabitants are hungry for this manifestation.
Each Reiki initiation is a miracle of cosmic dispensation.

If you would like to receive the inspired guidance messages regularly through email, you can contact Frank Coppieters through his website. You can also join the live transmission of the guidance on-line through the Reiki Home.

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