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Phyllis was the lineage bearer for Reiki, Usui Shiki Ryoho. Her Birthday was on August 22nd, exactly one week after Mikao Usui’s birthday.

She may or may not be in your Reiki initiation lineage, you may or may not have met her, but you may honour her as the spiritual lineage bearer.

The Reiki Association would like to invite you to join a Reiki Share near you to honour Phyllis and strengthen your connection with the Spiritual Lineage. If there isn’t a Reiki Share happening near you, please consider offering one. If Reiki Share feels daunting, how about offering a picnic in a park nearby, to be in Reiki with Reiki students in your area.

Phyllis loved gathering people, sharing good food, music and laughter. Share some Reiki stories, some food, some music perhaps with fun and laughter. If you are hosting a Reiki Share, you might like to light a candle and hold stillness and silence for a brief while.

If you are able to offer a Reiki Share on August 22nd, please post the information about your Reiki Share in the comments below. Please include the time, venue, your contact info so that people can get in touch with you, to let you know if they are attending, or if they have any questions.  

If you have any questions and/or if you need support with offering a Reiki Share or finding one, please email or contact Tripuri Dunne, our wonderful membership secretary. She has years of experience of organising Reiki Shares and is very supportive and inspiring.

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