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The April 2019 webinar was cancelled as a mark of respect for Phyllis Lei Furumoto. The webinar in May 2019 was offered as a tribute to honour Phyllis.

With so much emotion in the Global Reiki community, TRA Council decided to open up the May webinar to non members on this occasion. You may be aware that usually, TRA webinars are for TRA members only. It was very heart warming to see more than 80 people join us for this webinar, from many different parts of the world, across various time zones.

Our dedicated webinar team helped create a wonderfully healing virtual circle across the globe. They put together a beautiful slide show that was full of memories for so many people around the globe as Phyllis had the gift of connecting with everybody she worked with. Joyce Winnough, Phyllis’s partner also shared a slide show of photographs with us. If you would like a recording of the webinar it is available on the webinars page.

We are very aware that only a few people got to share during the limited time of the webinar. If you would like to share some memories of your time with Phyllis, we have created a page on our website to honour Phyllis. There are some heartwarming sharings there already.

Please feel free to share here how the webinar felt for you.


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