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Frank Coppieters, Reiki Master, Intutive counselor and Shaman, shares inspired guidance messages received in meditation. Here is a message about Reiki that came through as part of a Reiki Master initiation.

© Living Light Center (Frank Coppieters)
September 26, 2019
(permission to share is always granted)

Reiki is a blessing for the planet and for humanity.
Also for the animals and for the totality of the biosphere.
Reiki is a living entity developing organically through the dedication of its lineage and its practitioners.
Reiki is silence and deep prayer.
Reiki takes care.
It honors and sometimes incorporates other spiritual practices.
As a healing force it is based on universal love and unity consciousness.
The self-treatment gives a big boost to your immune system.
It replaces scarcity by abundance.
In these times of quickening Reiki helps to transform, to steady and to protect.
During the practice of Reiki the sacred manifests
as divine feminine and divine masculine.
More than ever the planet and its inhabitants are hungry for this manifestation.
Each Reiki initiation is a miracle of cosmic dispensation.

If you would like to receive the inspired guidance messages regularly through email, you can contact Frank Coppieters through his website. You can also join the live transmission of the guidance on-line through the Reiki Home.

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It was very heart warming to see so many people gather together from many different parts of the world, across many different time zones, for the October 2019 webinar dedicated to remembering Wanja Twan. The emotion during the webinar was palpable. The joy, the gratitude in the sharings, for Wanja’s life, for how she touched the lives of so many of us, for the impact her life had on ours was amazing.

It was a delight to hear mystical and legendary stories of her life, her time bending/stretching abilities, how she managed to use this amazing ability in her everyday life, to navigate life with more ease. Apparently she had some mystical abilities from before she learnt Reiki. Wanja was a master weaver. It was amazing to hear that she could feel colours in the wool through her hands.

There were several stories about the heart. It was very moving to hear how she touched people’s hearts, and inspired people to trust and believe in themselves.

It was a relief to hear that I was not the only one who could not always relate to what she said, but it was great to just be with her.

It was wonderful to hear from some people who had never met her, that they got a sense of knowing her from listening to the stories shared during the webinar.

We can continue the process of learning from her in many ways. Reading her books can be incredibly healing and inspiring. The books can be purchased through the Facebook page – Reiki Books by Wanja Twan. Listening to Wanja’s voice can also be very powerful. There are some delightful videos on this page of Wanja talking about her books. There is also the Reiki Talk Show interview that Phyllis Lei Furumoto recorded in December 2008 with Wanja. It feels particularly poignant to listen to the love and joy in the voices of both these amazing women at this time, the year in which both of them left this realm. It is a joy to listen to them talk about Reiki, sharing memories of their Reiki Master Hawayo Takata and their time together in the early 80s.

In words from her family – “Wanja’s passing was a joyous and peaceful celebration, with family and pets by her side”. There is a beautiful sharing about her very rich and full life in the obituary from her family.

Some of Wanja’s quotes that became quite popular over the years – “We are always together and sometimes we meet”, “Anything is possible”, “Expect the unexpected”….

With deep gratitude to all the people who joined the webinar to help bring forth the stories and the healing needed at this time of her passing.

With deep gratitude for Wanja’s life. Thank you Wanja for valuing Reiki enough in your own life to want to pass it on to others.

Please continue to share your memories of Wanja in the comments below.

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