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The Summer is finally drawing to a close and the first event of the Autumn is the Takata archives which are being held in Birmingham. These were originally shown in London in the Spring and are a fascinating insight into Hawayo Takata and her journey into bringing Reiki to the West in the 1930’s. There are still places left so book now.

Council is supporting the St George’s project, and now there is another chance for Reiki practitioners to become involved with the NHS. The project is for the North London Hospice and if you are interested in helping there are details on my page once you have logged in.

This month’s webinar is about setting fees for Reiki treatments and is a thorny issue for most practitioners. If you have any thoughts or comments on this subject, head on over to the forum and join in with the debate.

Diary dates:

Webinar 2nd October - Setting Fees for Reiki Treatments with Kate Jones.

Webinar 6th November - "Following a tragedy - Bringing Reiki to the frontline " with Georgina Hood.

Council meeting 6th to 8th November 2018

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